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Excellent example!

FREE 6 Months warranty with all cars out of dealer warranty / 11.6% apr finance

vat qualifying
Buy from EVNick who is runs a Youtube channel he’s also our EV guru here. Unlike other dealers we can explain everything you need to know about owning an EV including getting a charge point. Nick has also travelled threw Europe with an EV so is able to assist you on planning longer and further trips.Car has been Autoglym’d with there ceramic coating

FREE 6 Months warranty with all cars out of dealer warranty / 11.6% apr finance

FREE 6 Months warranty with all cars out of dealer warranty / 11.6% apr finance

We can introduce you to a wide range of car finance providers depending on your needs. We use a list of lenders but are not limited to these. if you have any CCJ's or any previously missed payments please let us know so we can select the correct finance companies to get you the best rate without submitting you to lots of finance companies. For our prestige and rare cars, we use a panel of lenders who provide HP agreements and PCP (Personal Contract Plan). Some of our other lenders provide HP/ LEASE and Personal Loan agreements. All Lenders conform to the finance & leasing association's code of practice. We also have subprime lenders for people with poor credit scores but this would need to be discussed prior to the proposal. All deals APR will be based upon the car's age and your credit history typically 48 months gives the best APR which start at 8.6% APR. Some high net worth customers may be able to secure a cheaper rate via us. HP Explained HP or Hire Purchase, is a loan on the car for a set term, at the end of the term you will own the car in full. HP is normally available between 12 to 60 months HP Balloon No to be confused with PCP, HP with the balloon is the same as HP apart from a LUMP payment is deferred till the [...]
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Smart Repair Insurance
Small scratches, scuffs and dents are not only unsightly but have a negative effect on the value of your car. In the past, cars in need of cosmetic repair would have been sent to a conventional body shop, meaning that you would be without your car while the repair work took place, and potentially facing a large bill. Thankfully, many small scratches, scuffs and dents can be repaired using SMART techniques. The SMART repair concept was originally created to offer the motor industry a fa [...]

e believe a warranty isn’t an extra when you buy a used car that’s why we included 6 months as standard with all our cars out of manufacturer’s warranty.

We’ve been using safe and sound warranties from the WMS Group now since the product first launched.  We include the first 6 months totally free of charge and this is combined with their 6 months breakdown product also.

As a company, we sell cars all over the UK this meant teaming with a warranty provider who could service our customers no matter where in the  UK they live and administrate the claims process.

Safe&Sound Warranties offer lots of additional extras which is why we also give you the option of extending the policy we give you with the car,  extension can be purchased in blocks of 6 months to a maximum of 3 years.

Safe and Sound offer 3 levels of cover.  Supreme for all cars

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