Our Privacy Policy

You are invited to share your email address for means of contact.

We collect personal details, for car purchase, finance applications and google analytics,
We do run ads which contrain tracking codes, these don’t affect privacy they are merly needs of making sure we target you with the best ad’s. We never find out what you purchase, or the cost of the items.
We will not sell, share or otherwise transfer any information on the workings of our website and its users.
Luigi Motor Services is absolutely anti-spam. Rest assured that we will never facilitate contact by uninvited organisations.

Cookie Policy

Like most websites, we do run unintrusive cookies to ensure your experience on the site is the best it can be. They exist to recognise your arrival and allow you to continue where you left off.. You may disable cookies on your computer and continue to use this website, although we may not be able to serve you as we would like. But use of the site assumes your acceptance of our cookies.

If you provide your email or personal details we will store this in a secure location and only as long as needed to retain your reccords under required regulations for our business

All google analytic data is stored for 14 months and deleted by google this is the smaller time period google allows and allows us to provide the best service

Our privacy policy has not changed since the new European laws came into force on May 26, 2012. We have always protected your details. Our many vistors outside the European Union (EU) are not covered by the new EU privacy rules, but we afford everyone the same privacy.

The three majour cookies we use are quite simple, one is google analytics used to track how you found our website to ensure we use the best forms of advertising, to help cut costs and pass the savings back to our clients.

We also use cookies for our facebook like buttons and any social network sharing icon, these cookies are needed for these icons to work.

The other cookie we use is one for advertisers to help the advertiser track you came from our site if you go view them this helps us work closely with them to select more targeted ads.

Simple Facts about cookies.

93% of all websites use cookies.
Any website using social buttons use’s cookies.
Sites outside the EU don’t need to tell you what where telling you now.
If you run a website and use google analytics, your using cookies and breaking the law without a privacy statement like this.
If you like me agree this EU law is just plain and stupid there’s 100’s of websites looking to have the law U-turned even the UK goverment didn’t seem too pleased when it was past.

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