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For opening times on bank holidays please call.

Welcome To Luigi Motor Services

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Mrs Davies who purchased a Polo from us in August 2011, She is the lucky WINNER of the Safe & Sound Warranty 'Win the value of your car competition'. Safe & Sound Warranty is Endorsed by Sir Stirling Moss who randomly selected Mrs Davies as the winner she was presented with a cheque of £6949 at Luigi Motors on Monday the 10th of August 2012. Congratulations Again to Mrs Davies we hope your enjoy your winnings..


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Luigi has been dealing in quality prestige and performance used cars for over 35 years' during which time Luigi has established a reputation for excellence and selling the highest quality of performance cars. Luigi Motor Services is based on the Cheshire Derbyshire border. We are a family business, Vic brother of Luigi, Nick son of Luigi and of course Luigi.

What We Sell & What We Buy

We are very well known for selling used porsche's and other performance and prestige cars, but we also sell small and mid range cars like volkwagen polo's for example. You can be sure what ever your budget, the high quality we pride our self's in apply's to all our stock.

We are always looking to buy high quality stock, We will buy any age and price range as long as its a well documented car were always buying. Were always the hunt for Boxsters and Caymans threw the year and tend to be one of the best for buying your used porsche.

What Else Do We Do

Unlike many other performance and prestige car dealers we provide support for your vehicle after purchase if its a porsche or a ford. We have a fully equipped workshop and with Vic's 25 Years of experience on a whole range of cars from; Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lotus, Honda, Mazda, Volkswagen, just to name a few.

We are always looking for new stock and are always trying to get our hands on good quality cars. If your trying to sell your car chances are we will buy it. If its a clean porsche or anything Italian give us a call!

Our workshop has the latest ECU diagnostic equipment which covers almost every make and model on the roads today, with us being a porsche specialist we have ECU equipment for porsche which many places do not have access to..

We are FSA appointed Reps of WMS Safe&Sound so we offer a 6 months package with all cars out of manufacturers warranty & under 10 years and under 100,000 miles. Cars under 6 years old and under 60,000 miles will benefit from a wear and tear element. We also are able to offer you GAP and RTI products and full breakdown cover.

For more information on our performance used car center please read the about us page.

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