GardX Paint Protection & Fabric protection
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GardX Paint Protection

The whole idea behind paint sealant is to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it UV rays from the sun, which can fade paintwork fallout and acid rain which can damage the paint finish road salt and other contributors which can fade and corrode the surface.

Guard X is a two-stage paint sealant, unlike other brands that only have a one-stage treatment which could seal in dirt and cause paint deterioration. In Stage one, a pre seal formulation that penetrates into the pores of the paintwork preparing it for sealing with Stage 2. The 2nd stage permanently bonds to stage 1, creating a high gloss protective coating over the paintwork, like a second skin that resists attack from harmful environmental pollutants. The GuardX system has achieved British Standard EN ISO 2812-5:2007

For you the customer, this not only means that the appearance of your vehicle is maintained, but also that exterior maintenance and the amount of time needed to clean the vehicle is reduced, whilst you protect its value. it helps strengthen and protect modern day water and solvent based paint finishes from the worst that the elements can do.

Fabric & Carpet Protection

How does it work?
Fabric Protector coats each fibre with an invisible barrier, this professionally applied product prevents spills of coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, juices, water and other similar liquids from permanently staining your fabrics and carpets. The dirt can be either vacuumed or wiped off with a gentle cleaning solution. The invisible barrier helps reduce friction between the fibres prolonging their life. This allows the Fabrics and Carpets to retain their natural texture and appearance.
If you have a leather interior, GardX's have an exclusive leather guard treatment that will help protect against stains, dirt, and liquid spills and at the same time moisturizes your leather so it keeps that supple like new look

What's Included?

Professional Application of paint and fabric protection

Professional Application of Leather Protector*

Lifetime Warranty**

Customer Carry Bag Includes all these Great products;
Conserver - This is designed to work with stage 2, to ensure not only do you have that great polish and protection but that the water carry's on to bead up.
Wash & Wax -A high quality soap to wash you car in.
Bird Dropping Remover- This product is to be used as soon as you see bird droppings on your paintwork this will stop the acid and reapply any protection than the bird dropping has started to remove.
Glass Guard - This is to be applied to the exterior of your windscreen to bead water off the glass.
Sponge - Just an average sponge
Micro fibre Cloth- Very high quality micro fibre.
Tyre Guard - Very high quality water based emergency tyre repair