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Porsche Q&A

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Checking your oil is pretty easy as there all electronic, firstly make sure your car parked on a flat, then turn your key so your ignition lights come on in the middle.

Your see a small screen telling you oil level is being measured.Porsche-Dash

If you have just started your car this will take up to 45 minutes so make sure you do this when your engine is cold as the check will only take 6 seconds.

When the check has finished your have a TOP line and a BOTTOM line make sure your oil is between these 2 lines not above or below them like so.

If below top up with correct oil, if above take to workshop your oil is over full and can cause serious damage to your car. The oil filler cap is in the rear of your car and on Boxster and Caymans your see its the cap on the left as shown on picture below, for early boxster models its still in the boot but won't look like the image below.

Want an easyer guide? than this, well we've just made a video version.

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