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Porsche Q&A

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Q. What is the service interval on a 987 Boxster or the service interval on a 987 Cayman?
This answer also applies to cayenne diesels and non diesels.
A. The service intervals for the boxster and cayman are every 20,000 miles or every 2 years which ever is first.
Major services's are due every 40,000 miles or every 4 years which ever comes first .

Q. What about serice intervals on a 986 Boxster?
A. They will need a service every 12,000 miles or every 2 years which ever is sooner, for majour maintance it will be every 24,000 miles or every 4 years.

Q. What is the service interval on a 911.
A. Porsche 911 service intervals are the same as boxster and caymans unless a 911 GT which needs servicing every 12,000 miles.

Q. Does my porsche need an annual check?
A. Its not required yet we do recommend it, as a car and driver are all made differently we all have different driving styles and therefore cars run slightly different, by having an annual the water and oil levels can be checked as well as tyres and brakes. Book an annual porsche service with us.

Q. Just had my car serviced and there telling me I need new disc's as well as pads.
A. Its very common that the discs on all porsche models become worn when the pads are due, they normally only last as long as the pads but this all depends on your driving style.

Q. How do I check my oil on my boxster, cayman or 911
A. We have a full guide to check your oil.

Q. What Oil should I use in my car?
A. This is a harder question to answer than you think as people who view in the UK will use diffrent oil to people in America, if you check your filler cap it should show the correct oil for your area the UK tends to use Mobil 1 (0w-40) grade on Boxsters and Caymans your best using Mobil's website for your area and your get the oil you need.

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