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Porsche TOP TIPS

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Painting Calipers

In this section we will explain how to go about painting your calipers

Tools needed;

  • High Temperature Paint
  • Porsche" logo vinyl stencils
  • Newspaper AND LOTS OF IT!
  • Masking Tape
  • Wire Brush (on a drill if possible)
  • Wet And Dry Medium to Fine grade rubbing paper
  • Brake Cleaning fluid
  • Car Jacks
  • New Rubbish bags
  • High Temp High Gloss lacquer
  • Porsche Caliper

    Please Note:
    When re-painting calipers you may need to replace some small parts, these items could need changing as they may be worn or rusty when removing.

    No 12. Bleed Valves
    No 11. Bleed Valve caps
    No 10. Connecting link pipe
    No 15. Brake pad Pin/ Mounting kit
    No 13 or 14 Piston duct covers

What to do?

Painting your calipers is a really simple job which can be made very hard.  You can buy 2 part epoxy brush on paint kit that cures to a smooth finish much like nail polish does when it dries or spray can high temp both work well.

First get the car on jacks and remove the wheels

Then, you have to clean off all the brake dust from the caliper using a toothbrush and a can of brake dust cleaner.  If you don't get all the brake dust off, the paint won't adhere well, so make sure you take your time doing this well. Now give them a rub with wet and dry starting with medium and working down on grades till there completely cleaned off.  After you've got the calipers all clean, then you need to mask off the parts where you don't want paint to get on.  Use masking tape to cover bleed nipples.

Porsche Caliper

Then cut a hole in a rubbish bag, and stretch the rubbish bag over the caliper.  This will effectively mask off all the other areas where you don't want paint to get on, and will allow you to easily paint the caliper with the brush or spray can. If using a spray can mask off the near by body panels so to avoid over spray, its best taking the time to do all this masking correctly as taking the time to clean the mess after will take much longer!

paint caliper

Your Ready to paint so go ahead, give one coat and leave to dry for 3 hours before applying a 2nd coat if needed! Apply Porsche Sticker. Now apply several coats of High Temp High Gloss lacquer and allow to dry for 6-8 hours before driving!

finish caliper

Now your done, stand back and look at your handy work give your self a pat on the back, if why doing this you have any top tips drop us an email.

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