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Porsche TOP TIPS

Remember all tips are taken at your own risk!

Changing Air/Oil Separator

Firstly understand the flat 6 engine will smoke at start up that's the engine, it will let a bit of blue smoke at start up its normal so don't be worried, if how ever its ALOT of smoke all the time then there's a problem.
You should check inside the AOS tubing where it goes into the air intake for heavy oil in the tube before replacing the AOS. A light coating in that tube is normal. Here is a picture of the throttle body, the gray metal part of the intake near the engine and after the plastic portion of the air intake into which the AOS dumps its vapors.
Large amounts of blue oil smoke out the tailpipe while running is a "stop right now" as you will do damage if too much oil is sucked into the combustion chamber and then the piston tries to compress it.

White smoke while running is a sign anti-freeze got into somewhere it shouldn't and you should stop before you do further damage.

The AOS performs a similar function to a PVC valve, by trying to vent crankcase fumes (hot oil vapors, minor blowby the rings, etc.) back into the intake, rather than polluting the air. If the AOS starts failing, excessive vacuum can build up in crankcase, and sloshing oil can sometime be sucked into the intake, creating the smoke/smell.

Now if your sure the AOS has gone you can now order a new one from porsche or ourselves, I do recommend this job is done by our workshop but if your on so much of a tight budget you want to play with your own Porsche please email us and I will send you a step by step guide, and set aside 5 hours.

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